The writer ♥


Frauke Heyde

La petite Froe.





“There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” – Vincent van Gogh

Read my literature…it will tell you who I am. ♥

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7 thoughts on “The writer ♥

  1. Hello dear, I found your wonderful blog a few days ago and I am amazed!! Such beautiful and vivid words, which paint images while reading, making it feel like I am right there inside the story – and never failing to leave me breathless. A pure pleasure and inspiration to read!
    I have been quoting from some of your work already, but am never quite sure what to put for name of the author. So thought I’d ask. I’d prefer to not always post a link with a quote… because I may have started to slightly annoy a few of my friends by talking about your works quite a bit… 😉 So far I’ve always put “Froe” as the author, but if you’d prefer something else, I’d be happy to change it, as I’m sure there will be several more lines I simply _need_ to quote =)

    • Hello darling, what a lovely message to wake up to!Feeling incredibly flattered & blessed, thank you!Annoying friends is never good, haha!You can use my real name if you’d like: Frauke Heyde. I’m so thankful to be able to inspire you somehow & for you to spread some of my lines. Writing is my true passion so your kind words go straight to my heart and make me joyful. Thank you so much & I hope I’ll be able to keep amazing you in the future 🙂 xoxo

  2. Dear Frauke,

    “As midnight came, he named every star in the sky after her.”

    These words have been claimed by many a often attributed to “unknown” are they truly yours?

    Regards Glen Hillman

  3. Hi Froe,
    I just came upon your stuff here (I’m a first time user I’m afraid) and I’m very much curious : Are you still in love with the said comedian?
    I’m in the southern US and I’m a writer with a daytime job too. All this is from 2011, I see…I hope I get somewhere. Take care.

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