Just because.

“I can’t explain,” he said, tying a knot into the table cloth and her heart. Her fingers quietly looked for his and softened the strained touch. He let go of the fabric and held on to her instead. “I don’t want you to,” she said, locking eyes with him. He smiled a wistful smile, contradicting himself as he always did. “But how? How can you love someone you don’t understand?” his voice sobered her up all at once, thousands of answers forcing themselves on her heavy mind. She bit her bottom lip, the pain making war with her thoughts and, for a split second, winning the battle. Within that very moment, she spoke from the heart, without overthinking, reconsidering. “Isn’t that what love is all about? It is indisputable. Reason could never justify it. It’s just there,” the words flew from her lips like a happy sigh. He tilted his head to the side, in awe, the cracks inside his soul soaking up her words like plaster. “But I’ve been trying so hard. To impress you, to say the right things,” he whispered, gently, carefully. She lay her hand upon his cheek, calming the confusion raging at the other side of his skull. “I love you. Just because,” she said. He nuzzled the palm of her hand, like he found salvation in her touch. “Just because?” he asked, “Could it be as simple as that?” She nodded, “Just because.”


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