The first spark (of many).

The first spark, according to Paul (44 years old, teacher and completely fictional, but shhh don’t tell him, don’t think he knows.) Paul is a character of mine that popped into my head today. He took over my fingers and decided to share his story. He’s lovely, but kinda insensitive towards cactus plants in my opinion. Hehe. Enjoy.

Frauke x




” The first spark? Ooh, gee.

I believe I was ten years old, if you choose to think in terms of calendars and clocks.

Inside my mind I was many years and reincarnations older. I was convinced I had been a cactus in a previous life. And a pharao. And a Golden retriever. I had lived many lives inside my head, but told myself that this one was the most difficult.

Cactus plants had one goal in life: be prickly. I imagined being a pharao wasn’t that much harder, after all I had read in my history books that none of them ever built their pyramides themselves. And dogs, well. They just needed some silly ball and a fireplace to lie in front of in order to find some peace and happiness. But being human, oh my. That was just something else.

See, I couldn’t imagine a cactus falling in love with another cactus. Frankly, that wouldn’t work out, now would it. They’d stab each other’s eyes  out if they leaned in for a simple hug. If they had eyes of course, but let’s not lose ourselves in the details. I was ten, after all. It all made pretty good sense to me. I was convinced I was pretty grown up.

Ooh, but being a little human. That moment when you catch yourself staring in awe at another little human. Feeling like the best feeling in the world has been kept hidden from you all this time by some evil magician or pirate (who were very good at hiding things, I figured. Treasures. And rum. And just… stuff.)

The first time you catch yourself thinking before you speak. Looking for the most beautiful words to share with your special person. Things like sunshine, candy and happy. You make me happy. You are my sunshine. You can have all my candy. Sugarpiehoneybear. You’re sweet. So sweet. And pretty too.

That first spark.

I often recall that feeling, when decisions need to be made. Do I feel my tummy tingling? Is this what I want to do? Because when there’s no spark, there’s no future. And I’m not just talking relationships. It also applies to choosing your school, your workplace, what furniture you’ll put in your very first apartment. The mere excitement needs to be there, or you’ll find yourself lost somewhere along the way. If the future is a fire, sparks ought to be there to ignite it.

It’s funny, because I don’t quite remember what my first love looked like. But I remember exactly how I felt. I believe it was one of the best and helpful moments in my life. A little guidance. That gut feeling. A strange chemistry. The mystery of life. The beauty of passion. The truth about love.”



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