I’m thankful for…

The lips of the one I love, the words they say, the songs they sing, the promise of a kiss. And another and another. And so many more. I’m thankful for Macklemore. For preaching equality, same love, same possibilities. I’m thankful for, the ones that praise me, for fighting away my insecurities. The memories I make today, the smiles they will bring me tomorrow. I’m thankful for sorrow. ‘Cause it made me promise I will never hurt you again. I’m thankful for Michael Jackson’s “Ben”, all kids that were bullied and were able to get back up again. The crispness of snowy fields and rain like frozen tears, they make me thankful because they make me feel. Candles with cinnamon scent and gingerbread men, blankets on a couch and soft pillows and a lost coin in my pouch. I thank you, piano music, husky-voiced men, puppy dogs and reindeers called Sven. Christmas lights, cheesy movies on TV, chocolate cakes and apple tea. I’m thankful for airplanes because now the world is out there to see. Hotels, breakfast buffets and hot saunas and almond trees. Babies that whimper and soldiers who cry, lovers who marry and men in white tie. Dresses with diamonds and friends to rely on, the hugs of my mother and shoulders to cry on. I’m thankful for books full of stories that feed my soul, movies of wit and movies of sin. Nachos and cheese dip and movie theatre chairs, tall, white buildings and boys with long hair. Pancakes and sweaters, lipstick and love letters. I’m thankful for fingers that write and readers who listen, the moments life feels like a blessing. I’m thankful for beauty, hidden in everything. I’m thankful for love and the joy it brings. I’m thankful for lists like these and knowing one thing: so much more to be thankful for and curious what more life will bring.

Happy Thanksgiving ♥ Froe x


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