Baby, when I’ll dance with you.


Baby, when I’ll see you.

It will be like the very first time I opened my eyes.

From that moment on, I will look for you, always.

In every love song, I will hear the whisper of your name.

Every place we ever kissed will be my church.

Because in us I will believe.

Baby, when I’ll meet you.

I’ll understand why I told all the other boys no.

Touches will flourish like seldom seeds.

A new world born from the bottom of our hearts.

This is where we will live, this is where we will stay.

Forever faithful because you and me means home.

Baby, when you tell me your secrets.

I’ll help you carry them, so the pain won’t hold you down.

I have judged and you have judged.

Let’s remember all we’ve done wrong.

So we won’t do it to each other, no we won’t ever do it again.

Because they say love that hurts could never be true.

Baby, when I’ll tell you goodnight.

You won’t ever have to be afraid.

‘Cause I won’t be leaving, I won’t be hurting.

I will kiss away the bad dreams.

Share with you every beautiful morning.

Endless laughter and joy.

Baby, when I’ll dance with you.

You’ll feel my body, how it only belongs to you.

You’ll feel my soul, how it makes love to you.

So when you chase your dreams and I follow mine.

We’ll forever remember the good times.

Know that every goodbye won’t last for a lifetime.

Baby, when I need you.

Promise me you will be there.

Baby, when we share happiness.

We know this is right where we have to stay.

My baby, when I find you.

And when you find me.

Everything will feel like the first time.

And we’ll understand what it means to be free.


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