I trade my crown.


I stand there all alone at the break of dawn. The wind whipping the chilly air in my face. I feel wounded, for I am alone again. A part of me is missing,now  he is gone.

I wish for wisdom so I can understand all of men’s actions. Find reasons why none of my warriors were strong enough to fight for their queen.

I’ve lost my crown but not my kingdom, the fields are still growing roses with passion colored petals. White horses still run along hills of dreams.

Perhaps I just want to be a girl who lives in these lands instead of ruling them. I can’t stand another battle lost, I no longer can bear the blame.

Innocence shall always paint hints of pink on my face. Mystery will forever shine behind my eyes.

But I trade my crown for true love. I want to live instead of control. Please, someone hear my prayer tonight.

I’ll be waiting in the morning,until he’s by my side.


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