I could kiss you forever.


I love the tiny freckles on your back. They remind me of summer, it’s like you’re my own personal season that forever keeps me warm.

I could list so many things about you that infatuate me, but somehow it seems like words won’t do them justice. There’s no way to describe what makes me love you the most. I guess some things are better left unsaid and transcribed into kisses; that’s why I love the feel of your lips. I can bare my truth to you, just by a single collision of our mouths. A kiss out of pure love must be the most beautiful of all touches.

I could kiss you forever.

When I was little, it always surprised me how people fell in love with each other. What a wonder it could truly be, to want to be with the person who wants to be with you. A mystical part of nature, sprinkled with some magic on top. Promises that were never to be broken, forever someone in your heart who could take away the thought of how it feels to be on your own.

It seems like a miracle and it probably is. So we can all wish for that miracle to happen, we can keep on dreaming until it happens to us. It sure happened to me.

The way you look at me, as if you never want to lay your eyes on anything else, is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen. Your gaze tells me stories that I know you could never tell. Like your heart is pouring the love right into the little twinkles in your eyes. You make me feel on top of the world, just by that stare.

I know I will always be able to find that feeling back in my memories. When a day would come that fear and doubts, frustration and misunderstandings and more cruelty, would numb the feelings of love we share, let’s not allow it to destroy everything we had.

Let’s keep it safely hidden so one day we might be able to find it back.

I could love you forever…and I will.


Froe x


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