Once upon a time,a beautiful little girl named Estelle watched her daddy leave for a destination unknown. Since the day he left,she never stopped hoping that one day she would be safely in his arms again.

Every night,she would press her nose against the chilly window,just like she did that first time. She would stare right into the nightsky and ask the stars to look over her father wherever he would be. From up so high,they must see him,find him,shelter him,no doubt.

If the stars could speak,they would tell her “He’s safe,he’s right here with us.”

But the stars had no voices and the truth sometimes liked to play hide and seek. Yet unlike so many,she refused to believe he had left her and her mother with nothing but a cold goodbye. Something must have happened that night.

She was too young to grasp the true idea of death,but wherever it took you and whatever it meant, she hoped the stars would watch over him; if only she knew he asked the stars the same thing.

To forever look over his babygirl and hope for that day,where she might finally recognize his face in the golden dots twinkling in the raven sky.


Froe x


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