Sweet woman of mine.

I remember her so well. The sweetness resting at the corners of her mouth, the taste of her lips my most guilty indulgence. I believed any word she said. She would smile at me as if she knew exactly what I was thinking, stealing my mind from me and filling it with all the beauty of the world.

My darling girl.

How I wish I could have told her, she was the most important reason to all my reasons, the only real part of my day. The sun a little brighter, every song on the radio about her. If she wasn’t right next to me, she was everywhere else.

I miss the smell of her hair on my pillow case. The small notes she would tuck into my wallet. A trace of her perfume on my shirts. The thought of her skin brushing against mine.

Sweet woman of mine. If I could, I’d come right back to you.


Realize what you have before it’s gone.

Froe x


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