Words from a broken alphabet.

My hands holding your head

Sometimes it feels like I’m holding your mind too

I can’t make you understand

How hung up I am on the everything you do.


Each word ever spoken

From your lips I could never resist

Falls victim to the doubts in my head

A bitter substitute to what I once called a wish


Your face still holding its usual grace

A stranger behind these well-known eyes

I stare into what seems a lifetime

In which I’m afraid you won’t survive


I’m all used up

So wrecked along the way

Tell me how a heart like yours

Makes it through every single day


You’re no longer here

So I try to forget the things I knew

Forget the joy we had, the trust, the good

Forget how you will wake up to someone new


I rest my head, my body, my heart

All you ever said, I will never understand

Your mind spilling only words from a broken alphabet.

Your future no longer in my hands


Your secrets I will never tell

So try to see right through these rough words of mine

You knew who I was, you know who I am

Forever yours, forever mine, forever thine.


Biggest lesson I’m learning these days: never hurt someone just because they hurt you.

I believe that’s what makes you a better person in the end. So I try. I try very hard. So should all of you.

Froe ♥


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