Even more than yesterday.

A gentle rupture of the heart.

Perhaps tears can wash away her eyes behind mine.

Damaged words flow from my mouth to your ears.

But it’s not you I should despise tonight.


Only me.


‘Cause it’s not you who got the chance to walk away.

It’s me who wanted to stay.

All through the night I try to capture every breath you take.

Give myself up and wish upon another day.

Sleep stills my mind falling into despair.

Until dawn breaks through all the things I just couldn’t say.

I am lost before you ever notice me slip away.

Praying to fix a ♥  in so much need of repair.


I hold on to your hand, so I can remember how it feels.

Touch your lips ‘cause in your kiss I find myself again.

My words go cold, in silence I say,

I loveyou, even more than yesterday.


Froe ♥


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