Alice: Daddy Star

If you haven’t met Alice yet, read this first

Alice’s mommy met her daddy on a blessed day –  a twenty-four hour carousel  filled with magical moments, the kind that makes lovers doubt if they are asleep or just truly living the dream. From the first shy ‘hello’ he had proven how different he was from any other man wanting to spend time in her company. He knew well enough she was part of a wealthy family and he had seen her father standing right next to her. Yet he choose not to address the influential man first, or mention the young lady’s last name. All he did was say ‘hello’, nothing more, nothing less accompanying his words, not even a small peck on the lady’s hand. Just eyes like shooting stars waiting to be wished upon.


He was no rich man, nor a poor wretch. He knew how to make her father laugh with his carelessness, his oblivious view on the world of high society. It was entertaining, refreshing. He simply didn’t care about his girlfriend’s bank account. Her mother once said “If she chooses to marry you, we’ll disinherit her.”  and the young lad had smiled and said “Well, that won’t stop the sun from shining, nor will the vegetables stop growing in the field. So I have no worries.” Her father had overheard his reply and told his wife to arrange an engagement party. After her father gave his daughter a house for Christmas and staff for New years,  the young couple married on St. Patrick’s Day. Alice’s father, he looked up at the sky and thanked the heavens, whilst his parents put their lips to a glass of fine Champagne, their first in a lifetime well over fifty.


Alice was born exactly nine months later. A little bundle of true love, with some very small fingers and toes.


Six years later, she still wasn’t that tall for her age and Daddy no longer counted the stars with her before she went to sleep. She missed him so much that she waited for him every night, as she sat outside with Moon, who made the emerald colour of her eyes glisten like those of her kitten Ivory. She no longer counted but just looked up at the sky to find the brightest star of all, cause Daddy said that’s what he would become if he would ever leave. The one who would listen to her wishes, the one she would always see. She knew Moon would take care of Daddy Star when they disappeared in the first rays of the morning sun, so she was no longer sad when daybreak came.


Still Alice was eager to tell Moon and Daddy Star about the daylight, the actual sun that she knew Daddy had loved to sit in so very much. So Alice thought and thought until a plan formed inside her aching brain, making her feel anxious because what would Mother do?


“Should I do it, Moon? Can you ask Daddy Star what I should do?”  Alice said, the grass she was lying on tickling her bare feet.


Ivory brushed her downy tail against Alice’s cheek,  before nestling down next to her little human, and Alice swore she heard Moon whisper: “Do it.”


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Froe ♥


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