Nose pressed against a coloured glass window, a little girl named Alice lurked outside. She wasn’t too fond of this big house, neither did she care about what Mother had said so many times before about leaving smudges on her ‘expensive and exclusive windows’. She was trapped behind an eyesight of blue and greens and had no idea what the world out there really looked like. The red roses in the garden, she had never captured their true colour or smell. The children passing by on their way to school, their faces were foggy and looked different than Alice did when she looked in the mirror. Her skin was a lot lighter than theirs, white almost, like Mother’s sheets at the end of laundry day. She had never been out there, little Alice, at least not when it was light outside. She had heard Mr. Doctor, as she called the petit man with the funny looking moustache, mention that she was such a good girl, a healthy girl. Then after that, Mr. Doctor would always argue with Mother about things Alice didn’t really understand. It was probably about Daddy and how he died and how Mother thought it was unsafe to leave the house during the day, with so many people and horses and ways to die. So little Alice only left the house at night time, but then everything had lost its magic and had turned to a hundred shades of dark. Sometimes the moon would tint all things silver and light blue, that’s the nights Alice loved the most. The Moon was her best friend. She asked him what the Sun was like, but the Moon never answered, he just hovered  in the sky like a lost balloon, wondering which child hadn’t held on to him and had let him fly towards the endless sky. Alice knew he was sad, being so left alone, so she promised him  you are my best friend and talked to him for hours even though he would never say anything back. She told him you are so beautiful  and blew him kisses, just like Daddy used to do. Don’t worry Moon, we’ll escape one day, you and me, and Sun will take us on a trip, far and far away.


Alice was born out of my imagination this afternoon.

We see it as a simple thing sometimes, the rays of sunlight on our faces, every single day we’re given.

But it’s actually so beautiful and precious.

Would you guys like me to write more about Alice?

Froe ♥


3 thoughts on “Alice.

  1. Little Alice is one of your imaginations most fascinating creatures, I must say ❤ I do have to say that I am extremly curious of her life, and maybe you'll not write anything more about this precious little girl, but I can feel that she'll live on inside of me for a while now ❤

  2. Alice is one of the most fascinating creatures your mind have ever created ❤ She is amazing, and I dont know if you'll writ emore about her, but I know she will live on in my head for a while

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