The true essence of life.

My lovely readers ♥

So many things happen to us in our lives and sometimes it can be exhausting, scary, confusing.

Luckily, the heart of life is good – things always get better. What’s deep down has no choice but to go up.

Sadness is a temporary thing. I think that’s an important life lesson. Feelings come and go but the world keeps spinning and we should all believe in the beautiful possibilities that world has to offer. You can always start over, every single day can be a better one than the past one.

So don’t wait until the good is taken from you, before you realize how blessed you were.

Be thankful, always. Hold on to what makes your day beautiful.

I’m telling you this, just because I’ve been told the same by those who love me and the Lord knows, we need to hear these words from someone to actually make our hearts believe them. So if you might not have someone to tell you all of this, I am here to do so.

To love others and be loved is the greatest gift this life has to offer, so stay close to those who care.

Your loved ones are the true essence of life. But more importantly, you need to love yourself before you can love or be loved.

So never let yourself down. You are the first brick to a house of trust.

Just remember – do good and be good, always keep the faith.

That’s the only right way to live your life. ♥








Froe x


2 thoughts on “The true essence of life.

  1. I have been trying to comment your posts for quite a while now, IT REFUSES TO WoRK! I must say I have read all the posts, and I have enjoyed them all 😀 I adore the way you write Froe, never stop ❤

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