The tears clouds cry.

Fell down the cliffs by the touch of my own hands.

A gentle push I could never forgive myself.

My heart lies scattered on the bottom of the ocean.

Water turns ruby and murders the innocence.

Or am I still standing right here?

Watching our ship sink, ooh I still remember you so well.

I stand safely at the shore but you’re nowhere to be seen.

Are you going down, baby, dragged down to be broken like a shell.

I’d give my all to see you break the waves.

Watch you step out of the void surrounding you.

Cause the sea is nothing more but the tears clouds cry, my dear.

You could be so much more than be part of the ocean’s blue.

I wish I could stop the horizon from fading.

I dream of ways to make you look up at the stars at night.

But you’re out there and I’m right here.

You’ll need to swim to shore all by yourself.

No matter how long it might take.

If million moments cross my path.

I will forever remember your face.

Hope you’ll one day stand where I stand.

Safely at shore.

Holding my hand.


Froe ♥


One thought on “The tears clouds cry.

  1. This little masterpiece makes me think of the Mariah Carey song “My All”, have you heard it? Watch the video, and you’ll understand why. It it is a beautiful video, and this is a beautiful piece ❤

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