To hope is to let go.

This little girl with eyes like gold.

She can’t see what others see.

The shimmer down her cheeks when she cries.

Big black holes in her memory.

She tries to fill a heart with promises.

Of those she knows will never last.

To the muscle in her chest she turns blind.

Wrenching it, haunting it down with the past.

She loses those who she knew would go.

Then blames herself, “I told you so.”

So there’s no time to really understand.

She needs to find herself again.

But still her eyes haven’t lost their colour.

Still her heart is embracing her soul.

To hope is to forgive, to hope is to let go.

Make space for new things to hope for.

And find yourself so others can.

Little girl with the diamond glare.

Soon birds will sing and the sun will rise.

You’ll dance to love and sleep with life.


Froe x


4 thoughts on “To hope is to let go.

  1. I like this Poem, I find it rather deep. However, with most things that are deep in nature, the majority of its audience may never be able to understand such a success. But for you I have to say, I understand and love it.

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