Temporary place.

It’s cold in the darkest hollow of your heart. I know this is just a temporary place. There’s so much more corridors to walk through, doors to rooms so unknown to unlock, but I am stuck here, and you cannot hear a thing.


I read words only your mind has gotten to know and I wonder why I’m here, fingers brushing against the tender walls on which they are written, a softness that makes me forget about the loneliness you’ve left me in.


This feels so familiar, the never ending sorrow for believing in you when I forgot I don’t even believe in me. Should have held myself from falling in love when  I knew to the falling would come no end.


My eyes wander through the sky and look for reasons, but I know I can only find them deep inside. If I’m sure of one fact it’s that mistakes in life never really happen, they’re just temptations of fate we couldn’t overcome.  Will walk and sleep with my eyes wide open, so I can see and learn from what I might have done wrong.


One thing is ever so soothing, whatever I have done, I have done it out of love. Every kiss and heartbeat, gentle or torn, was born out of my blossoming heart, waiting to be seen and loved.


I know this is just a temporary place, I will soon leave your body to find my own again. Remember my footsteps, remember my presence inside your heart. One day when you miss me, my footprints will always be here.


7 thoughts on “Temporary place.

  1. I like the way you write, Froe. I love reading your blog. The words you use are nice and they always sound really beautiful. Nice to know you. I wish I could be as good as you in writing 🙂

  2. You’re welcome 🙂
    You’re such a great writer, Froe. Everytime I got my web browser in my phone deleted, lost all the bookmarks and saved pages, and I forget your blog, when I’ve downloaded the new web browser, I always try to remember the name of your blog, I type your name as keywords just to get your blog back, because I love your blog so much. I don’t know why. I liked it since the first time I found.

  3. I really love the way you choose the words. I learned many new words I’ve never known before. Knowing many new words is very important for me since English is not my mother tongue. Anyway, thank you for the link. It’ll make me easier to find your blog if someday I can’t remember the name of it, but I hope I won’t, because your blog is so lovely 🙂
    Keep writing, Froe!

  4. “believing in you when I forgot I don’t even believe in me”

    That is one of those sentences that are so pretty that I an seriously considering tattooing it on my body. Sure as hell it is going to be painted on my wall of quotes, that contains Tokio Hotel lyricses, Gaga quotes and interesting things other legends have said. You are starting to become a legend, at least to me. I promise you will become one to every person who reads your blog.

    Actually, I think I will tattoo that. With your permission, so to speak. Will you allow me? And I will also give you the honor to pick where. Where on my weak and vulnerable body would you like to have that gob strucking quote?

    • Darling, you have touched my heart so much. I am not a legend, just a person with a lot on her mind and a heart that isn’t to be silenced. A tattoo would be…beyond amazing. I think you already know where you’d want to put it, you don’t need my permission or advice. ❤

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