Paper wings.

Paper wings, baby.

You make me fly so high.

Within seconds I could crash to the ground.

But you give me paper wings, baby.

I hope it won’t rain tonight.

Crystal skin, baby.

Your touch has turned me into a work of art.

Don’t drop me, don’t let me fall down.

Cause crystal shatters easily, darling.

Please hold me tight.

This smile, baby, this heart of mine.

It’s in your hands, so turn off the lights.

No need to see the tears glistening in my eyes.

Somehow I forgot what it feels like.

Be me without you by my side.

Tell me my skin’s made of steel.

I can fly higher than my biggest fears.

Show me how a heart beats

and how a smile is kept upon my face.

Cause these paper wings, baby

could easily burn up in your absence.

This skin is starting to show a crack or two.

I hope you could tell me I don’t need you.

I don’t need anyone but me to pull through.


Wrote this in the middle of the night…there’s something poetic about the dark, a lonely friend whispering words into your ear…

Froe x


2 thoughts on “Paper wings.

  1. Please stay up more and write more at nights, it is always so genious and perfectly made that I doubt its even made by a human being. You are an angel, froe. An angel with wings super strong, just lean on your talent in writing and I promise you’ll go far. I truly love you and your words ❤

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