Make the right choice ♥

Time for some motivation, y’all!

No, seriously, as any of you reading this, I’ve been through so many things in my life, I just wanted to share one of my most helpful ways of thinking with you, because it has really helped me along the road…

Life’s not about the things that happened to you, but the way you choose to handle these things.

Let’s face it, a lot of things are completely out of our hands. We’ve all been hurt at some point in our lives, just a little or more severely. There’s no way of trying to forget this or erase the pain, BUT in the end, you have a choice; you can either be a victim and let these burdens drag you down, or you can promise yourself to fight the bad that was ever inflicted on you, by standing up for yourself, by building up your confidence, by looking into the mirror and calling yourself beautiful. By choosing to taste the beauty in life and to not let anything from the past destroy your future.

I know I make it sound awfully easy, when it’s actually a very hard thing to do, but it’s an important distinction to make; to be the victim or to be the fighter. Every direction you take starts from this point.

Others might be the ones to break your heart, but you are the only one who can decide to let it heal again or to just let it be. Some of us never bother to pick up the pieces, although we feel them stinging in our chest, the pain numbing our brain. We start to believe this is permanent – but the thing is, it’s not. We can make our hearts whole again.

Yes, it will be a difficult, confronting process. But little by little, the pain will fade. The tears and memories pouring from your heart will make room for happiness and love to settle in. Believe me, I’ve been there!

I have come across so many beautiful, worthy people who were afraid to step into the light. There’s a lot of us sharing the same doubts, the same shame, the same pain. Let’s all stand up and do something about it. Promise yourself to make a change by starting today. Tomorrow will be the next step, then by next year, your heart might be glowing again.

Open your eyes to the beauty of the world! One thing I love to do is sit down at the end of the day,  write down a list of things that made me smile that day and learn to appreciate these things. It’s amazing how aware you will feel of the thousands of wonderful things this world has to offer. Even in hurtful things, you can find something soothing. When someone calls you names, feel sorry for them for being such an ignorant person and be proud of yourself for being yourself. When someone hurts your feelings, turn everything you feel into creativity; write, paint, dance. Express yourself and never blame yourself. No one, absolutely no one, has the right to make you feel bad.

Good luck sweethearts, let’s all choose to live life to the fullest. It might be a bumpy ride, but in any case, it’s better to be out on the road than locked up inside your own mind.

Mwah! ♥ Froe

“The most beautiful smile is the one that struggles through tears.”


8 thoughts on “Make the right choice ♥

  1. I agree with you! I’ve been through a lot of crises in my life and for a long time I blamed my entire personality and social situation on them, until I realized that what happened to me earlier in my life is never an excuse to be miserable for the rest of my life or be a pain in the ass for everyone else.

    I live by a tantra similar to the one you described: “It’s not about the crises you experience through your life. It’s how you cope with them and get out of them”.

    I know someone who constantly blame the fact that he is cynical, cold and manipulative towards others and doesn’t show his true feelings to anyone on the fact that he was always the outsider compared to all the others, people picking on him and his suicide attempt. While all these events are tragic and I feel for him because I have been through the same things, I have never understood how he could act that out on other people, especially people who weren’t the ones who did that to him in the first place. And my biggest problem with is that he always tells people that they shouldn’t let past events affect their personality, while he refuse to recognize the fact that he’s doing it himself.

    I do blame how I ended up being as a person on past events, both in good and bad ways, but that’s mainly my personality, me being over the top and shy at the same time, being a bit bad at reading people’s body language and such. I never used it as an excuse to be mean and manipulating towards others because then I feel that I’m not one bit better than the people who bullied me and made my life a living hell. And whenever I’ve pointed that out to him, he has told me that he’s just a stronger person than me and copes with it better than I do, even though he’s actually doing the complete opposite.

    The things I’ve experienced through my life has at some point brought me to here, where I know what to do with my life and have a great, supporting boyfriend 😛

      • Thank you 🙂 I have and it’s far from the end, but I keep going 😛 And believe me, I do, every single day. He’s the most thoughtful, caring and hilarious person I know 🙂

  2. Once again you hit bullseye. Hahaha do you even say so? Anyway, its absolutly gorgeus end incredibly written, and it touches me in a very strange way. Its like you know me, like you see right through me and like this is directly to me. Cause I have a huge problem that is filling me up with a painful numbness. And in other situations that hurt I always fight back, and eventually the pain dissapears as you say. This time there is absolutly no way to fight back the pain. No way whatsoever to fight it… Its horrible…

    But you make me think that maybe, maybe one day I will find the cure ❤

    • The cure is within you sweetie, don’t worry if you haven’t found it yet, just promise yourself you will one day and stay hopeful and positive x

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