Never blame the moon.


That familiar face. Your eyes seem to say “never mind”. Old stories of yours and mine linger around the edges of your mouth, but the words to tell them seem too lost to be found. A hint of love wraps around my gaze for a while, ‘till pride hardens my heart and mind.

To say I once loved you seems a waste of time, now she’s sitting gloriously by your side. I want to blame her, for all she has taken from me. Not too long before I realize the only one who was  responsible for that was you. I could never blame the moon for shining triumphantly in the sun’s wasted daylight.

You are a stranger I happen to know very well.

I hope my presence doesn’t hurt you, as you try to make me believe. I wish you don’t feel the same way I do. There would be no point to this if you did. You wouldn’t have left me so brutally if you understood what it meant to really love someone the way I do.

To spend years but to never really be together. This is what it all came down too, my darling. Keep the superficial words and pointless gestures of delight and surprise for another time, another woman, another life.

The future awaits me while your past will only leave you behind. I’ll keep my head up high while you stand there at the other side. My need for you fading, craving blossoming to find someone new in this life. Take your hurt and woman and go ruin what’s left of your pride.

I love you, but you’ll never hear me say so again in my entire life.


Sundayevening writing, John Mayer cd,tea and the hope for a bright future. xoxo Froe


6 thoughts on “Never blame the moon.

    • *hugs* I think at some point in our lives, this all happens to us…but we should learn how to let it go and go on and embrace the future!xoxo

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