Call us the forgotten kids.

We are the bullied kids.

We don’t show how fragile our wounds are, the way we soothe them at night, our souls hidden underneath the sheets. We shake our heads when we are asked if we are in pain. No one would understand anyway.


We try to hide from words, words like bombs hungry for our flesh. Everyone sees how we crumble but everyone’s eyes stay closed. We live in an emotionally blind world.


Sometimes, we smile yet the backlash is always there. Perhaps sadness catches up with us way too fast. Memories of faces and bruises collectively call for it to reappear.


We are everywhere, pieces of dust, insects crawling irritatingly across your eyesight. So you close your eyes. You choose to be blind, while we keep crawling, hurting, crying.


Call us the forgotten kids. The losers. Call us everything you would hate to be.


Picture our hearts and minds when you call us names. Come along to hospital and stay beside our beds after beating us up. Tell our mothers and fathers we will be ok. Drop your bombs and watch us run for our lives.


Perhaps one day you might finally see. Understand the impact. Admit to yourself not only we were hurt, but so were you. Cause every time a bully breaks someone’s heart, he also breaks his own.


So when you feel insecure or troubled,  be our friend instead of our enemy.


Don’t let the world forget about us.


Stop & stand up against bullying. Save a heart.

Froe x


4 thoughts on “Call us the forgotten kids.

  1. Oh My Goddness. No one can describe our feelings as you. We forgotten kids. Cause I have been bullied, so bad, man it was so bad. I know that every word you wrote is true, every sentence reminds me of the numb world I lived in for so many horrible years.

    All Im praying for is that you never had to experience that nightmare, that its only your imagination who’s strong. I pray that you actually didnt go through all I went through, all you wrote. Because its exactly me, every word breathes me. I hope and wish that.

    Just a simple question. Am I allowed to post this on my blog? I promise I will mention you, and let my lovely readers know what genious wrote it, it would mean the world to me if I were allowed to post it. ❤

    • ooh love *hugs you long and lovingly* I’m so sorry you had to go through that sort of pain. Kids (& sometimes adults) often don’t realize how words can exclude someone so much it tears them down. I hope it has made you stronger in a way. Of course you are allowed to post this sweetheart. Every single person speaking out about this brings all bullied kids one step closer to not be overlooked. I’d love to see your blog when you posted it. Love x

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