Why do we tend to be ashamed of ourselves, when there’s no reason?

Don’t blame yourself for something which was out of your hands.

Don’t blame yourself for the hurt someone caused you.

Don’t feel any shame when you speak your mind.

Don’t feel any shame when you tell someone you love them.

Don’t feel like anyone’s better than you.

Don’t pretend to be anyone you’re not.

Why be ashamed when you are gifted. Why be ashamed when you listen to your heart.

Shame is a prison you need to escape.

You are beautiful.

Show yourself to the world.


We could all use a little reminder.

Time to be who you are.

Froe ♥


4 thoughts on “Shame.

  1. Once again you nailed it. Bulls eye Froe, bulls eye. This is so kliche. I have heard it so many times that I could throw up on it. never has “be yourself” touched me. But you just made impossible possible. You made me touched, and even though this message has been said to me so many times you were probably the only one who actually made me thinking. I love it ❤

  2. Bless you honey.You’re so strong.♥ I’m so glad you opened up your heart to believe in yourself!There’s a million treasures waiting inside of your soul for you to discover. I think we should overcome our shame in order to be ourself. It can destroy who we are if we let it win.x

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