Eyes like poetry.Buster Keaton.

I’m in love…with a man that had my age a hundred years ago!(Just my luck.)

And his name is…

Joseph Frank Keaton, better known as Buster Keaton (Buster was a nickname he got when he was still a child, doing stunts without ever hurting himself), hero of the silent movie era in the twenties as an actor and director. Equal to Chaplin’s talent, if not better.

He truly intrigues me, from the first moment I saw those eyes I could tell there were stories behind them that would take a lifetime to tell. I just can’t stop watching his melancholic face combined with the comedy scenes he performed. I’m smiling as I watch but at the same time he looks so sad I wanna crawl into the reel and cuddle him.

Once again, I believe I was born to late, haha!Should have been a twenties moviestar!

Despite his incredible work as a director during 1921-1929, his creative input was put on hold by the studiosystem (MGM, in particular) in the late twenties. Sadly, people tend to forget the mindblowing camera work & hidden messages he put into his movies, for instance “The navigator”, where the camera wobbles to portray life on sea and the shadows behind the actors (i.e.Keaton himself) kiss when the actual actors are armslength apart.

Kissing shadows in"The Navigator" 1924

If you’ve never heard of him, please watch his films, you can find most full versions on youtube.(hooray!!) I’m about 200 percent sure you’ll understand how I feel when you see him. If you don’t know what movie to pick, watch his classic “The general” from 1927, “perhaps the greatest film ever made” as quoted from Orson Welles himself, the mastermind behind ‘Citizen Kane’. You’ll find a lot of his talkies as well (1930 and later), but it’s the films he directed himself through the twenties that are the true masterpieces.

Keaton's dream in "Sherlock Jr." 1924

 He inspires me so much. To bring such a strong message to movies before the talkie era…unbelievable. Not to mention how revolutionary he was with the camera. He was one of these people that carried creativity, intelligence, passion & fragility all in one.

This is my favorite scene EVER:

Someone get me a timemachine and an engagament ring, please!!


4 thoughts on “Eyes like poetry.Buster Keaton.

  1. I’m in love with Buster too. I feel myself blushing with every movie of his I watch. Yeah I was born 2; years after he died but I’m absolutely crazy for that man😍😊

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