The only way is up.

I feel that in today’s world, we have to go through so many things on our own…and I realized how important it is to look beyond our own worlds and bring a positive change to someone else’s. But sometimes it’s hard to do so…because in order to do that, we first need to settle our own hearts and minds, learn to love who we really are.

How build up a kingdom if our own heart is in ruins?

If we love ourselves, we are ready to love others and let them love us in return. That’s the vision we should keep in mind, the perfect circle, the way love is supposed to work. Because out of love, an even bigger love shall be born.

So when you’re hurt, share it with someone, starting with yourself. Pushing away painful thoughts will only make them grow stronger and becoming numb is even worse than being in pain. It’s denying who you really are, so you wouldn’t have to face the hurt.

But you know what, it’s ok not to be ok when you realize that the only way is up. Just think about the beautiful, new castles you can build up with the pieces of your heart. Being broken is not a permanent state, it’s the beginning of a chance to build up your life the way you want it to.

There’s beauty to everything, even to discovering your flaws, because if you were perfect, than what would be the use to life, what would you dream of, what would you do if you had it all, would it make you happy?

So remember, when you’re feeling down, the only way is up. You’re the only one who decides whether you’re gonna pull through or just let life run over you.


This song has inspired me so much.


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