All of me.

Bless the diamonds in your hair. The way they sparkle in the evening light.

“Before you’ll have me, I’ll be gone again,” I hear your voice but I can’t make up the words.

You sigh, turn your head to the side. Wonder if you’re thinking of someone else right now.

When I stare into the distance, why do I keep hoping to see you walk towards me?

If I close my eyes at night, why is it that your reflection keeps hunting me?

How come one falls in love whilst the other falls out.

I fold my hands, bend my knees. I’m sinking down, I’m praying I could just see you once more tonight.

This  floor feels like my home now you’re not here. Want to lie here broken until you walk through my door.

Because no music sounds soothing, I can’t taste a single thing. My eyes keep looking for something that’s not there.

I can’t feel a single thing. Just remember the sweetness of your smell.

Please, why don’t you knock on my door. Sit down beside me and pick up who I used to be.

Why did you take all of me?

Bless your smile although it breaks so many hearts.

Just keep the pieces of mine somewhere close to you, don’t let them die alone just because we’re apart.

Through all these tears and mindless cries, I will always remember how it felt to have you by my side.

Thank you, even if it was for one hasty moment, to show me the light.

Bless the diamonds in your hair. The golden shine of your skin.

The hope inside of your eyes.


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