One would slowly come to light.

When I took this picture, I couldn’t quite grasp what I thought was so special about it. I do know I felt a sadness wash over me.

I have this beautiful plant up in my livingroom with gorgeous, soft and bright pink flowers, but lately they crumbled into beige shadows of themselves, only to let go of what they held on for so long, to drop down on the floor colourless, lifeless.

Then I realized there were no goodbyes. For every flower that fell, a new one would slowly come to light. I came to understand what this picture means to me.

The flowers make me understand, nothing comes to an end when you fall down. You get back up again. A new part of you arises, dazzling fresh beauty in a smile. Just carry the broken parts of you carefully in your hands and know that soon they will be brand new again.

We’re all flowers in a way, holding on to life that forms our plant. We open up to love that gets us through the day like sunlight, we curl ourselves into a ball when the night softly brushes past us in time. When we fade, we’ll be reborn. With every leaf that falls like a burden from our mind, a new, hopeful one will unwrap from our hearts.

Sometimes falling doesn’t mean everything has come to end. Sometimes it just means you’re ready to get back up again.

xxx Froe


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