Your heart is a broken record.

I remember how you said “I’ll see you in the morning.” the moment you fell asleep next to me. I loved those nights from the moment you entered, knowing you weren’t leaving before sunrise.

Baby, you carried me through the silent hours.

Listening to our favorite records, recalling a time in history we wish we were a part of. Two nostalgic lovers looking for something to put our trust in.

Your hasty lies dancing along with my butterflies deep inside. How come you turned into someone unknown the moment I stepped into the light?

I was standing inside the record store, wearing my ragged boots where you once drew hearts and our names on. Fingers slipping across the dewy, cardboard covers. A smile floating by as I spotted the bandname you told me to look for. I remember walking towards the counter, your beloved gift for that evening pressed against my love-filled chest, when I saw your face outside the window.

Must have been a confusing sight, this petite girl holding on to a record as if it was her armour, only to drop it a minute later as tears washed over her face. But I’m sure you didn’t get confused. Baby, I was sure you didn’t see.

The girl you were holding, she looked so much more beautiful than me.

Tell me, what will you say when she asks “who are you calling?” , will you tell her it’s me? Dare to speak to me in all honestly, I wasn’t the girl anyone was supposed to see.

Guess I was the warmth you missed whenever she wasn’t around. Guess it was easy to imagine her face when in the dark you were holding me.

Now I know you wonder, why am I not picking up the phone. Why did I dissapear when you needed me. How come your naive lover suddenly was nowhere to be seen.

Your heart is a broken record, baby, it keeps playing the same old songs. But I’m not the one listening to them anymore.


dedication to @IshPrivate @Tomheroine @hysterichotel @evaheroo @iheartdaml ♥ Never let someone treat you like this. True love will be yours one day.


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