Sincerely, ruby heart.


I’m the brightest red
but some days I just live in shades.


That’s when we’re not
able to smile.

The whole of me is
filled with love, as deeply as the eyes of the one I fell in love with.

Sometimes, the love
pours over yet sometimes, the well slightly runs dry.

That’s when the ruby flows from me and I wrap
up my walls in grey. It’s silent inside my chambers, there’s a haze we can’t
quite see through and we stay paralyzed.

I am hopeful. For both
me and the woman inside who’s chest I beat.  I know it’s hard for her to remember I’m there
for her sometimes, but I’m not going anywhere. My pace is not to be disturbed,
my goal is not to fade away. These colourless days won’t turn me into dust,
because the very inside of me stays vivid and strong.

There’s little cracks
all over me but there’s an intense love that keeps them from spreading out. The
love that flew inside me when  our mother
held us for the first time, the love that washed over us when we shared
laughter with our friends, the love escaping the pages of the books we read and

So many things to hold on to. I know I will
never really break. I know this woman will never break.

We just wish to be
desired by another heart and man one day. We just want others to see our true
colours, we just want to believe in our dreams.

We dream, we hope, we
shine, we love.

I’m her heart and she’s
the reason I beat. She’s my hope and I’m the reason she remembers who she
really is.

I love you.

Sincerely, ruby heart.


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