Be thankful, be hopeful, be yourself.

If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s to not let fear stop you. Whatever other people might say, whoever you’re afraid to face, no matter how convinced you are things will turn out wrongly – never let it stop you when all you wanna do is follow your heart towards a bright future.

I’ve known fear for many things, especially the things I couldn’t control, but when we fear our chances, we fear our success. If we fear rejection, we fear love. If we fear death, we fear life.

There’s beauty, kindness and talent in all of us, we just really need to believe that these qualities we have are stronger than all the other things that we carry with us.

So make sure fear doesn’t limit you in life, ever. You deserve happiness, you are always good at something and you should follow your dreams. For too long I’ve never realized how blessed I am to just be me, blessed for my mom,dad & stepdad for supporting me through the hard & good times in my life, especially my mom, who taught me what true love, hope & devotion means. Blessed for the things I’ve achieved so far. Blessed to be loved. Blessed to be healthy, blessed to have a heart that never wants to hurt anyone but always want to love, blessed to get opportunities, blessed for those believing in me,blessed for those friends sticking by me…and so on.Blessed for every single part of me, outside and inside, which represents who I really am.

Fear only lives inside our minds, we should never let it live in our hearts. In a simple way, fear is like an overprotective friend.We just gotta pat it on the back & say “Thanks for your concern,but I’m doing this anyway.”

I believe we should all try to remember who we are,who we care about and what we want to mean to this world. It’s not always that easy to be confronted with yourself but eventually it pays off and when you get to that one moment you’re feeling proud of yourself and you feel how hopeful your heart suddenly feels, you know you’re finally ready for life to embrace you.

Believe in yourself. Also believe in others, because support makes the difference. We’re all just human beings and we need others to make it through.

Be thankful, be hopeful, be yourself.


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