Make a choice and be who you wanna be.


We all have them but it’s so hard to decide which one is gonna make it.

Because no one can predict the future and even if we could, we’d still need to make a choice to get where we wanna go.

My mum used to tell me “Nothing is irreversible, but some things just can’t be done anymore after a while.”

She’s right. You can’t become a professinal ballet dancer when you’re thirty and you’ve never danced before. You can’t go partying every night when you have a baby.

So many things slip from our hands just because we never sat down with ourselves and made a choice.

I guess that’s because making choices means you have to face reality and most of us don’t like reality all that much.

But if we never do, we’re just ghosts living in a meaningless life. Days go by without us wondering why we are here, what we could mean to others, what we could change in today’s world.

I want to face reality and I want to make choices, although there’s so many it’s making my head spin.

The perfect balance in life lies in what happends to you and how you choose to deal with it.

I don’t want my life to go to waste, I bet nobody does.

But we’ll need to make choices. The right ones. And if they turn out bad, at least we had good intentions, at least we listened to our hearts.

That’s the best we can do.

Make a choice and be who you wanna be.




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