Brighter than a summer morning.

“Will I ever be good enough?”

 She traced the gentle curve of his neck, her breath twirling down on his warm, dewy skin.

“I want you because of who you are,'” he whispered softly “There’s no need to wonder when you’re with me.”

“Because of who I am…I barely know who I am,” her fingers whispered unspoken words to his body as they drew tiny, insecure lines across his back.

“If you’d realize how beautiful you are baby, you’d never ask me all these questions.” he pressed his lips carefully against her forehead.

“The only beautiful thing about me I’m sure of is your arms around me…and my hand holding yours when we stroll through the city. Your kiss that makes my lips dance in smiles, your presence…” her sigh ghosted softly across the room.

“Do you trust me?” the way his voice hummed made her slightly dizzy. So many emotions all at once.

“I believe you. I believe in you. So yes, I do. I trust you more than I trust myself.” the words flew effortlessly from her lips.

“Then believe me when I tell you that to me, you’re more woman than any other girl I’ve ever seen. You’re brighter than a summer morning. You’re like a flower afraid to open up but I know that on the inside, you’re golden. I want you and you don’t even need to do anything to make me want you. I love you.”


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