If I would have to find a metaphor for myself, it would be a star. An actual star. There’s no originality to a star you say, but think about how unique its story is.

Every star shines through the darkest skies. In all its fragile light, it never dims, but glows endlessly. I see my heart as that star and my hurt as the dark sky. No matter how scared I might be, how much pain I might feel, how insecure my mind can get, my heart always continues to shine its light amongst all those things.

I’ve considered myself useless, ugly, missunderstood and weird throughout life, but I’ve also felt blessed, beautiful, loved and special. My heart, the star inside, will always brighten up my life.

Some things are out of our hands…but I think you choose the the way you deal with things. I’ve chosen to pick myself up whenever I would fall, even if I would lose hope, I will forever be strong.

No matter how tear-stained my eyes get, my star will shine on. I’m saying this because I want any of you to know, that a piece of your future lies in your hands. There’s always this or that way to turn, just try your best to choose the right path for yourself and for your heart. 

I truely believe self-reflection, self-respect and loving yourself is the mother to happiness. So be a star as well, every day that passes by is in your hands.

Let’s all shine on + build up our happiness and our future. Follow your dreams, be a star.


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