In your golden cage.

I will never forget the softness of his skin in the morning. It seemed like he became one with the silky sheets , leaving my fingertips desperate to touch him.

The memories of his arms sheltering my body from the world outside linger. Baby, you kept me locked up in your golden cage, but don’t you know I can’t be tamed. Baby, this is how you made me leave.

See, we were perfectly depending on each other. He was my savior. I was his. But because of him , I needed to be saved. And I, I was not only his lover, but the one who had to keep him alive.

Pain was the first word in our book. We were like two parasites trying to survive on only each other. Bittersweet moments were born in between making love and making angry phone calls. You asked me why I spent my day with my friends instead of with you. Then when you saw me, you begged me to understand how scared you were of losing me.

There was no trust, there was just need. The golden cage lost its shine day by day.

But baby…Still, after escaping from your hungry heart, I think of your lips on mine. Still, I remember  that same old place where we met before, where no one saw and no one knew who we were and what we were running for. Melancholic kisses and broken wings behind golden bars.

That’s the way love works. It never really fades, no matter how much you get hurt. So I wanted to tell you, my love for you might never die. But I will never be yours again and you will never be mine.

Because I wasn’t made to save someone to earn his love. Baby, I wasn’t made to give up myself to join your masquerade. Whenever someone will lock me up in that golden cage, I’ll break free from the walls closing in on me.

I can’t be caged, I can’t be changed. I’m taking back my heart that I left behind in your hands. Thank you because now I’ll never make the same mistake again.

A golden cage is just another cage in the end, where hearts are made to believe it’s better to love someone in silence than to open up to the world instead.


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