Shining through the darkness.

Never give up.

Capture the moments that inspire you and never lose your will to reach your goals someday. It may seem so hard at times. So damn impossible. But if we stop believing…then what are we living for?

If we cannot hope for love, what can we hope for?If we live without understanding why we walk this earth, without understanding who we are, then what are we getting up for in the morning?

Deep inside you know who you are, but sometimes you just don’t want to see. I sometimes feel like I lost myself…but then I lie in bed,clinging my sheets in a tight embrace, staring through my window and my eyes catch the stars…and I realize that deep inside, little old me is still there, shining through the darkness.

We were all born beautiful and free. I truely believe so. We might not have full control over the things which happen to us, but we do have control over how we handle those things. Learn from your mistakes and never lose your will to do the right things.

You are so worthy. Find your dreams & never let them go.


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