Why were you born this way?

Hi bubbly babies,

I’m competing in this amazing contest by the wonderful Metro Time to assist Lady Gaga who will be releasing the mag as Editor in Chief soon. If you have facebook, please visit this link and click the LIKE button (or share the link with friends :D) , it would mean the world to me. Also, please read what I wrote…that’s the most important thing.

Love always ♥ #makeachange Froe ♥


2 thoughts on “Why were you born this way?

  1. I have never been certain of the “why” that I am what I am. It would be convenient to lay it upon the feet of a God whom I don’t believe in, or say it was simply a random chance roll of the dice of the universe, but the answer isn’t either of those choices.

    Perhaps whatever it is that designs us chose me to be me and also gave me other skills so I could communicate on the behalf of others like me what the state of our being is. We are human, we love, we give, we exist and we are never going to ever go away.

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