Make a change.

Listening to my endlessly inspiring Michael Jackson cd collection, I couln’t help but notice his need to change the world.

So I asked people “what do you do to change the world?” and mostly, they didn’t understand the question. It left me thinking that maybe they don’t see the sad things this world suffers from, like a disease hidden underneath the darkblue sky.

At first, it left me dissapointed. But then I thought to myself, not everybody wants to be a hero, not everyone wants to change lives…and I told myself, that’s ok. But I’m not one of them, I do want to make a change.

The simple question ‘what are you doing today to make a change?” is so humbling when you hear it inside your head daily. It stops me from being grumpy, reminds me I can make people smile, help them, show them how beautiful the world can be.

It’s not easy, it’s like transforming yourself before you can transform others. But it’s all about happiness. It’s devoting yourself to a better world. The keys to changing the world (and by changing I mean bring justice, bring equality, love and respect.) lies nowhere but inside our hearts.

I guess I just want to make a promise. To myself and to those who might need someone to lean on. I’ll do my best to make a difference. I’ll do my best to be the change the world needs.

I can only hope it will bring some people a brighter day, and I can only silently pray that whoever reads this, will feel the same desire deep inside their hearts.


2 thoughts on “Make a change.

  1. Your words humble, inspire, and touch me. Thanks very much for taking the time out to write them down. God bless xx -Beth

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