A piece of the truth.

The window blinds fell shut silently, blocking out the eager daylight that rested against the glass. The room was now covered in a raven blanket, whilst a boy rested his head in his hands whilst stepping over to his bed.


He yearned to smell the softness of the early morning outside  and it struck him deeply, painfully, how things that were once so common now seemed the most beautiful things in the world.


This new perception was probably one of the most humbling experiences in his life. So in a strange way, he was thankful. But the price for wisdom was hard to pay and deep inside, he knew he had been taught enough. It was time for the common again.


As he lay himself down carefully, he wondered how it would feel to overcome his illness and the thought of it caressed his mind ever so softly. This one thought itself was what defined him, what made him so strong – he always saw the possibility to overcome the hurtful, to note down the life lessons that had come with them and his ability to actually overpower the negativity that sometimes sneaked inside his worried heart was one of the most touching of all.


He believed – and in belief lies a piece of the truth. Belief and fate often cross paths and at those times, he would stand tall, he would believe with every word he possessed and every smile he had saved. Fate wouldn’t fail to see, to notice and fate would be kind.


He would make it through alright.



written for someone special x


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