I wish.

I wish there were ways to tell you how I feel. Run out of words every time I’d say your name.

I wish I could picture your face whenever the radio plays my favorite love song, call you on the phone at night like it’s the highlight of my day.

I wish I knew someone like you.

Because half of my heart is still sleeping, baby, half of me seems to be part of someone I don’t know.

No person feels complete without a lover to wake us from our bad dreams.

So I wish that soon you will be the first and last thing on my mind. I wish you will walk into my life on a sunny afternoon, unexpectedly meaningful.

And me – I’ll believe in you. You know, I’m the one who will love you.

My future lover, I wish we’d meet soon.


3 thoughts on “I wish.

  1. I once wrote a long letter to the future love of my life, telling them where I was, and where my heart was then too: looking out a window at the stars in the sky that night, wondering if they were looking up at them too…The fates, I said, choose the time and place of our meeting and of the the romance that would inevitably follow.

    I ended by wishing that person a great night, and that they had the softest and kindest of dreams in the wee hours; for I would be, kept warm by my dreams of meeting them.

    I have forgotten the exact words, because I never read it a single time after I wrote it…I wanted it to convey my thoughts in an unedited stream, even if that stream had imperfect language and grammar. Flaws or not, I wanted to be undiluted and with as perfect a reflection of me as I could put into words on paper.

    One day — it’s a long time from now, or it could be tomorrow or yesterday. Better still, it may be today. One day, someday, I will go and find that old and yellowed envelope, now a little tattered by too many years in the bottom of the desk drawers it outlived, and hand it to the love of my life. It will be interesting to see what the reaction is.

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