My flaws, my body, me.

I love my body.

No really, I have no clue what I would ask a plastic surgeon to jiggle his butcher knives for, simply because I wouldn’t want to meet that stranger in the mirror every morning.

(I might consider a surgery to prevent frizzy hair though. Imagine Shrek has hair, tons of it, and he has a  really, REALLY bad hair day. That might come close to my hair in the morning, pre-styling.  Hello, SOS hair clinic or something?)

I believe it’s essential to tell yourself which things you love about who you are and what you look like – even if you’re cheating a bit. Ok, that bum might have been a little smaller and perhaps that one wonky teeth shouldn’t be such a nasty little sucker, but does it really matter?

We weren’t manufactured to be Barbie dolls (talking about rigid women…) and the thing is that our flaws actually turn us into the beautiful individuals we are.

So repeat after me: I love my body.

You might not really believe it at first, but repeat it every day and you will find out there’s a lot to love about you!


One thought on “My flaws, my body, me.

  1. I love this encouraging message! Every woman should learn not to judge herself by how her appearance ranks with others.

    BTW, not to be mean, but it bothers me. It’s “teach myself,” not “learn myself.”

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