A girl made her way outside the small venue, as girls with worried mothers at home and boys with their arms around them had only started to arrive.

The silver lining around her eyes made her face sparkle, fooling those who couldn’t see through the glittery façade. She looked perfectly beautiful but the fact she was leaving the party at this early hour didn’t quite fit the picture. Midnight had only just passed by and hearts had just begun to fall in love.

Her chilly hand reached inside her pocket, blind fingers stroking the buttons of her cell phone. She wondered what made her feel so indecisive. She should have called him right away, forgiving him for the fight they had only hours ago. Silence had slipped through her forgiving words instead.

The carefree minutes she had found whilst dancing with other boys had faded as soon as her cell phone had rang the first time. She hadn’t answered it of course, but she knew she just couldn’t ignore the fact that he was worried and waiting for her to come home.

Her one hand weaved through her blond strands of hair as she gently pulled the phone out of her pocket with the other. Her fingernails scraped across the screen as she bit down hard on her lip, a gush of silver tinted  tears spontaneously washing over her cheeks.

They had fought over the littlest thing, yet the pain felt so immense that it made her slightly dizzy. Perhaps fear was sharper than the fight itself when it came to a relationship.  

She pressed a random button, swiftly wiping the tears that blocked her sight. One new text message from hours ago. From him. She had tried to ignore it up till now.

“Remember how we promised to keep the bed warm for one another whenever one of us would come home late?”

Of course she remembered as the content of the text struck her. He wasn’t the type to send her a thousand apologies and please come homes, but with this one little reminder, he recalled the security she found in his arms and how much he really meant to her.

Her footsteps hushed her forward on the blankety  pavement, her heart beating furiously behind her ribcage. Silver drops fell down her eyes from time to time and gently hugged the snow she walked on. Every crispy sound of the underground made her pace a little faster, made her miss him even more.

He was sleeping when she entered the room, his one arm buried under his pillow, such a well-known sight. Tiny cracks in the sheets made her guess he had been restless in his sleep, whilst normally he would move nearly twice overnight.

This simple moment, him sleeping on a bed of nightmares, his phone clenched in his hand and an uncomfortable fluttering of his eyelids, erased the entire evening from her mind. In fact, she couldn’t even think at all anymore, she could just silently lay down next to him, nuzzling her nose in the crook of his neck, feeling the comfortable warmth of his body and the sheets.

“I remember. I will always remember,” she sighed tenderly.


written for the lovely Evelien xoxo


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