From The Heart

Dear muffins, I want to feature some of you on my official website. I’d like you guys to send me a picture, video, text, etc. MADE BY YOU about something that makes you stronger, something or someone that inspires you.

It could be a personal picture of your friend or a music video you make. A little scribble by you or a piece of art. Just something that carries your creativity and something that can inspire others.

I will feature all these things on my website, mentioning your names and why these things are so important to you.

Creativity keeps our spirit alive. I hope you’ll all participate, I’m so very excited.

You may send all things to and please mention your name,age & a little explanation that goes by your picture,video,etc.

I’ll call this little project by the name #fromtheheart …just because every piece you’ll send me has to come straight out of your hearts 🙂

Please feel free to RT, blog about this, spread the message!!(if you do, please let me know and I’ll put you on my I’ll-love-you-forever list 🙂

Let’s stay unique and live to inspire.

Be part of #fromtheheart

xoxo Love, Froe #fromtheheart

ps. watch photos from my previous project by clicking here


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