Aren’t we quite the pair?


“What time is it?” Michelle softly wiggled her toes under the sheets, eyes darting across the dark-filled room.

“Mmm baby, please…” Alex sighed, his hands tucked lazily under his pillow.

“Sorry,” she nuzzled his neck sweetly, smiling as she noticed goose bumps spreading across his hot skin. “I just can’t sleep.”

“Keep doing that and I’ll forget what the word ‘sleep’ even means,” he spoke a little louder now, eyes still closed but arms curling around her.

“You’re so eaaaasy,” she giggled, her blond hair sweeping across his face as she leaned in to peck his lips.

“Are you calling me a slut?” he tried to sound offended, but failed in all his sleepiness.

She laughed cheekily, then nodded softly, owning a playful nudge from the boy next to her.

“Tell me why you can’t sleep,” he whispered against her ear, his sweet breath prickling her senses.

She really wanted to feel his lips on hers all night.

“I like to be awake,” she replied thoughtfully.

“I don’t understand at all, like, not at all, like…sleeping is better than jelly donuts!” he was so childlike sometimes.

“You’re stupid,” she rolled her eyes mentally.

“A stupid slut,” he agreed.

“What I mean is…I like being awake, watching you next to me…and when I lay my head down and close my eyes, I can’t imagine any dream to be better than seeing you lie here. So that’s why I like being awake.” She mused.

He fell silent, even his body seemed to slow down, except for his heart that gained some speed.

“wow…” his breathing sounded a little shaky. “I’m such a stupid non-romantic slut.”

She shook her head, her fingers tickling his nose soothingly. “Well no baby, I’m just a cheesy old lady.”

“Well aren’t we quite the pair,” he said tenderly, eyes now staring right back at her.

“I’m sorry I woke you up,” she stroked his burning cheek with her slender fingers.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t awake before,” he replied, bringing his lips close to hers.

“Why so?” she teased.

His eyebrows did the famous wiggle. She knew exactly what that meant.


written for the sweet Mitchie!!xoxo


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