Don’t follow your dreams, create them.

My sweetest fluffbuns,

Have you ever felt like major change needed to come to your life or else each day passing by would not live up to your expectations and…basically, suck?

Maybe it’s just being a perfectionist.

Lately I feel so confronted with the realization that dreams and goals can slip through your fingers like a bug hiding in a crack in the wall when you were just about to whip its tiny ass (nasty little buggers).

It’s funny it surprised me, because to me, life is all about exploring your talents and try to be at your best. Yet I now realize that thinking about something you want to do isn’t really enough, because it doesn’t really get you anywhere. You need to plan, to work hard, to decide which choices to make if you want to achieve that one thing that is so dear to you.

In simpler words: you need reality to make your dreams come true.

If dreams we want to bring to life are stuck in our head, they’re nothing but a fantasy. Some are safe in our heads, some are dreams we enjoy having without feeling the pressure to do something with them in real life.

But when you want something really, really bad, to the point that you feel you could never be happy if you don’t achieve it, then you need to take action and work on that one dream. It will automatically put a smile on your face.

Everyone wants to achieve their goals so it would be hyphocrite to say that the road towards the goal is the most beautiful thing about it if you would never really achieve anything – but in a way, it’s part of it and without the road, there wouldn’t be a dream in the first place. Working on something does make you feel motivated and stronger, so the road towards your dream is also a worthy aspect.

So what I’m trying to say is that I wish for myself that I can find the belief and strength to go for the things I want to do.

I can only encourage you all to do the same.

Whether you feel scared, confused, doubtful or not good enough…Try to find a way to see yourself as a worthy person and with that confidence, the world will be at your feet. It’s not something which happens overnight, it’s a process in which you need to grow and it can be hard, exhausting and even painful sometimes, but the happiness you will find after a while, that pride and respect for yourself because of how hard you work will be yours eventually.

I always tell people to follow their dreams, but perhaps I need to rephrase. Don’t follow your dreams, but create them. Don’t chase your dreams, but catch them. Be exactly who you want to be, because when others disrespect you or hurt you, they are always the ones who are wrong, not you.

Let’s wish for our dreams to shine like stars and do things the right way, achieve our goals in a loving way.

xoxo Froe


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