All we share is love.

One morning, she found a letter that came from far,far away…

My dear, sweet baby…

Millions of times I’ve begun this letter, but a similar times I’ve watched the words go up in flames. Sitting nearby the open fire, like you and me used to do. You wearing nothing but my arms around you.

Now it’s just me. Wordless. Missing you & your golden curls.

I hope I can find a way to tell you how I long to hold you and how the screaming voices coming from outside will never overshadow your sweet one in my head.

We’re not of this world, you and me. Nobody really knows about this thing we call “us”. It’s what makes us so precious, like a treasure never found. You’re the pearls and gold and I’m the body carrying them around.

I am yours and you are mine.

As I’m writing, it feels like you’re laying beside me, never really sleeping, never really awake. The most beautiful sight. I can’t stop thinking about you baby. See what you’re doing to me?

Could I maybe touch your perfect soul with mine?

Would you let me, my baby.

I know how you think my hair looks funny, how I never manage to buy you the right perfume, how afraid you are I would soon forget about you and the few times you’d ever see my face again, I wouldn’t recognize you in the crowd.

But the thing is, I could never come home again if you weren’t there waiting. We’re so different from each other, yes baby, I know, all we share is love.

But isn’t that enough?

It’s 5AM but in my head it’s forever that evening we met. I miss you always. Soon I’ll love you again.

Sincerely, your man


Written for Nienke xoxo



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