Turn the lights off

“Turn off the lights,” he mused softly, a sheen of worry glistening in his eyes.

His fingers trailed the few words on the paper in front of him, the tips smudging the fresh ink, making the letters cry ebony tears.

“Can’t I see what you wrote?” she hummed from the bed, her skin prickling as she watched him stand up and walking towards her.

There was something so sensual to the way he’d move, it felt as if he was already touching her.

He smiled through his troubled expression, shaking his head before he softly laid it down on the pillow next to her.

“The lights?” he reminded her, closing his eyes as if he was about to sleep.

She sighed softly as she pushed against the light switch, stretching lazily in the dim light. When darkness fell over their two bodies like a soothing blanket, she heard him draw heavy breaths, as if he was fighting something deep inside.

“Are you tired?” Jeanette pushed her lips softly against his temple, her nose brushing against his warm skin.

He shook his head, his hands searching for hers in the dark.

“Hmm…don’t you wanna keep the lights on when we-“ she playfully whispered the words against his neck.

“I don’t want you to see me,” he said it lightly, but the sob at the end of his sentence broke his masquerade.

Her heart skipped a beat, then furiously battered against her chest, urging her to wrap her arms around her man and tell him he was the only thing she’d endlessly want to admire.

“You’re all I can see baby, even when night falls” she replied lovingly, her body curving against his in perfect symmetry.

“Why?” he desperately held on to her touch.

“Because I love you,” Jeanette’s eyelids fluttered close, trying to fight her alarming tears.

“Nothing is working out, I can’t put a new song to paper, I can’t keep myself together. What if I lose who I am, I ca-can’t lose who I am,” he murmured, shifting uneasy in his lover’s embrace, as if he felt he didn’t deserve to be held.

The girl tensed slightly, her head now resting against his chest, feeling the heartache radiate right through his skin. How could a man so beautiful have a heart so insecure.

She tried to look for the right words, but how to mend a superstar that usually soothed her? It felt like this moment the whole world was in reverse and she was the one who was supposed to switch it all back with just a few words.

“If you lose who you are, I’ll find you,” the words perfectly fell from her lips.

He gasped slightly, his body shaken by emotion. This was what it all came down to – having a lover who prevented you from disappearing into your personal darkness, your deepest despair. Nothing else mattered than this very moment in which he had never felt more loved, as if all the pain he had endured before had lead him here on purpose.

“Please find me now…please,” his voice sounding gentle and warm.

“We have-“ she longingly pressed her lips against his full ones “-all night.”


For Jeanette ❤



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