My composer.

“Babe, I don’t really wanna talk right now…” he whispered softly down her hair, his lips caressing the silky texture as he spoke.

“I need your words, without them…I don’t know, without them, none of this seems real,” she sighed heavily, her slightly shaky hands tracing the warm spot at the nape of his neck.

“I don’t like real…” he replied with a distorted tone to his voice.

“I’m not just some dream that you can forget about when you wake up again…” her eyebrows knitted together tightly as she let her hands slip down his back, awkwardly retrieving the pride that she tended to lose when she was around him.

“I just meant….I just wanna be with you, without the hassle…” he bit down on his bottom lip as if he was fighting to surrender to an enemy.

Effy dropped her head subtly to the left as she hugged her arms to her chest, icy words resting on her lips.“The hassle of telling people about us?”

“I want you to myself, I don’t wanna share you with anyone in the outside world…I just think we should keep this thing between us two now we still can,” he avoided her gaze, staring right past her, as if he was looking right into a flash of the future being projected on the wall.

It seemed to scare him.

“What’s love when it needs to be caged & hidden?” she felt her throat swell with questions why.

The boy shook his head sadly, brushing his fingers briefly against her tensed shoulders. He then walked past her, sinking down in front of his piano. His fingers blindly touched the keys as he closed his eyes, his soul connecting to the strings in the glimpse of an eye.

A few notes poured right out of his heart and he sighed again.

“I never play the piano when someone’s watching. It’s my darling, my savior…and I don’t wanna share my notes with the world. When they’re not mine only, I’m scared of losing them…” he almost mused as he pulled up his shoulders in delight when hitting the highest note.

“You’re like these notes in a way, baby…” he then added , his hands stilling as if he was paralyzed by his own words.

Effy felt her arms tightening against her aching body and hints of dizziness ghosted through her head.

“I can’t lose you…you’re my secret symphony, my masterpiece,” he whispered, reaching out to his girl lovingly with a longing arm.

She felt all her defenses falling down the pedestal she had put herself on, far, far above this boy’s dishonest view on love. Her arms dropped down as well and she knew he had managed to break the strong arguments she was leaning on.

He was her composer.

Torn apart but enchanted all in once, she reached for his hand.


Written for Effy and Pierre


We all deserve love…we can all dream about being loved.

Request your own personal lovestory by emailing me on with your name and the name of your crush (+ a little description of what you guys look like)

Your story could be featured on here!


Froe xoxo


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