I believe in…(update!!)


13 August 2010

The first pictures are in!

You can see them here…

Thank you SO much, all of you…

This is so hopeful, inspiring & beautiful<3










Time to spread some love around the net 😀

I want to launch this little idea just to spread some hope and inspiration around the net. Something to not spoil our day but enrich it when we turn on our computers!

Basically, I want you guys to tell the world what you believe in.

The idea is that you make a picture of yourself holding a sign or text saying “I believe in…” followed by the thing you believe in, something or someone that makes you feel good, makes the day better, something beautiful to you…

Here’s my example:

I’d like to post all pictures on my blog and website and find out what makes your heart smile. Like this, we’ll learn to see each other as valuable individuals and we can be inspired by someone else’s words and beliefs.

Please participate and spread the message 😀

You can simply email your photo to frauke@fraukeheyde.com and I’ll collect all pictures and put them online.

Let’s show this world the things that we believe in!

love xoxo

ps. if you email me your picture and you have twitter, please tell me the link and I’ll follow you 😀


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