Vampire hotness…Team Edward!

Squeak!”Eclipse” is in all movie theatres!

Yeah, yeah, I’m one of these girls that got infected with the OMG-Twilight-is-sooo-romantic-disease. I even have my moments of I-so-wanna-marry-a-vampire occasionally…

I tend to blame Stephenie Meyer’s wicked writing style for my behavior…and of course the overdose of teenage rebellion,impossible love and a sort of romantic heartache that all blends in with my sighing heart.

Not to mention Edward Cullen is one hot dead dude, if you ask me.

And yes…I have a ‘Team Eward sweater and yes, I squealed when I bought it, haha!

Don’t we all remain 16 deep down?

ps. Sorry wolfie, no team Jacob for me, but thanks for the sixpack anyway!


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