Bubbly kisses!

My favorite beauty goodie this month is the
Bubblegum Lip Scrub by Lush!

It actually smells like the insanely yummie Snow Fairy Shower Gel out of their collection!
The fun thing about this lip scrub is that you can actually
lick it off your lips!
So no need to wipe it off, fantamazing,no?

This is how it works:

  • Take some lip scrub and rub it gently across your lips. The exfoliating  sugar will make your lips smooth in no time.
  • Then, lick your lips and experience the wonderful taste of sugary bubblegum!It’s 100 % vegan an non-toxic, aah, lovessss it!
  • The oils in the scrub will stick to your lips and make sure they are moisterized and soft. It won’t come off when you lick your lips!
  • Tadaaaa, beautiful and kissable lips that feel gentle and smell delish!


It costs about 5 £ / 9 EUR / 12 $

I call that cheap. Haha!

Get them bubbly lips!



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