For the very first time.

There’s these moments in life we want to make the best of our existence. Golden memories sealed with pearl dreams and diamond kisses. Falling in love for the first time…and being loved back…all for the very first time.


So when hope slips from your hands at these times you expected the best, it feels like your world is being crushed and nothing will ever be in your hands.


But love can be the turning tide we cannot control and the one thing we never dared to wish for when we feel at our worst…


Sarah sighed deeply as her hands clammed her discarded prom dress. The perfect silkiness slipping through her fingers as the tears did from her eyes.  She knew that tonight, beauty was her worst enemy, not prepared to surrender and become a part of her.

The magic the movies always promised, it never happened tonight. The porcelain perfection princess meeting her future husband at the masquerade prom – all she had wished for, even if he’d never take off his top hat and guide her home…a kiss, a sweet, everlasting one, would have been enough.

In real life, girls scoop up their long dresses, tuck their shiny locks behind their ears because their hairpins have gone missing and kick their heels out in an attempt to fight the mocking blisters.

She sighed, staring down madly at the beautiful fabric.

“You don’t like wearing dresses?” a warm voice spoke, accompanied by the soft squeaky sound of sneakers on the pavement.

Frowning, Sarah tilted up her head to look up at the face that could always take away her worries: Joshua’s.

“Aren’t you supposed to be breaking some girl’s heart at the prom?” her voice sounded more playful than she had intended to and she could feel her lips curl up in a smile.

Great. Sheep smiling always occurred whenever she spoke to Mr. gorgeous right there.

“Ouch. You just made me feel like a player ,” he swiftly licked his lips and buried his hands deep in the pockets of his jeans.

“Truth hurts,” she grinned, turning her head away from his and staring up at the cloudy evening sky.

“Sometimes it does…So tell me, do you feel hurt by your truth?” Joshua sank down next to her on the stairs of her front porch.

Sarah’s heart skipped a beat as she sensed his body warmth close, as if it radiated off of him. She tried to hide her gasp as she coughed and rolled her eyes – pretending to be unimpressed.

“Josh, I’m so not in the mood for your Shakespeare philosophy,” she murmured, eyes fixing on the sky again.

He smiled ever so sweetly and pressed his lips to her forehead, so unexpected as all of the things he usually did. A caring kiss. Perfect.

As if in shock, she lowered her head, only being inches away from his face.

“W-why did you come here?” she stuttered, eyes darting carefully across his mind blowing features.

“Well, first of all, I live in the house next to yours, little neighbor…” he pretended to be thinking very hard.

“Second of all, I hate wearing suits,” he shuddered slightly.

“And last but not least, I guess I missed you,” he concluded smoothly, his thumb softly stroking her left cheek.

Sarah’s belly tingled subtly and she felt a blush creeping up her cheeks, giggling like only little girls can do when they fall in love with the sun and the flowers.

“Player,” she whispered, smiling.

“Loner,” he replied, raising one eyebrow.

“Shut up, Josh,” Sarah laughed out loud, letting her fingers linger on his lips.

He pouted, nuzzling his nose into her hand palm. They were close like this most of the time, but tonight, it felt slightly more intimate. Probably because Sarah was still expecting this evening to be memorable, it was prom night after all and it had sucked up to this point.

“You know, just to let you know…You don’t need no dress to look beautiful and you don’t need to stand underneath a disco ball to make me…do this,” he whispered before burying his face in her neck, a trail of kisses dancing along her skin.

“That sounds like a line from a Justin Bieber song,” she inhaled his sweet scent deeply.

“I’m cheap like that,” he nodded, resting his head on her shoulder.

“I like cheap,” Sarah leaned her head against his very softly.

“Good…cause I like you, little neighbor,” he said it so smoothly as he always did, but his voice was verging on an emotional outburst.





“That’s unfair, I was insulting you and you compliment!” she chuckled, shoving him playfully.

“What’s unfair here is that you haven’t kissed me yet,” he nodded to himself.

Sarah’s movements stilled and she scanned his face as he raised his head and stared right back at her, a glimpse of insecurity floating past his deep eyes.

She bit down on her bottom lip, her hands fumbling with the dress that was still lying on her lap.

“Josh…I don’t wanna be one of those girls you take home,” she sighed, pain slicing through her chest.

She did, she did want to be that girl, but she wanted to be the only one.

“I wouldn’t take you home,” he softly said “Because you are my home.”

A gasp escaped Sarah’s mouth and she couldn’t stop it this time, it just naturally flew from her lips, heart and mind.

“Where did you steal that line from?” she mumbled, her hands embracing his glowing cheeks.

“My heart,” Joshua whispered, leaning his head closer to hers until his forehead touched hers.

“Now you’re trying too hard, boy…” Sarah whispered against his lips.

“Then give in…”

And she did, kissing his gorgeous lips, unlocking the door to what would be the first romantic and therefore best evening of her entire life.

Written for Sarah ❤


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